Enforcement of State and local orders 

Enforcement of State and local orders 

Please see the attached documents on orders issued by the City of Clovis on enforcement of state and local orders issued during this health emergency.

Order 2020-11 Local Enforcement of Orders

Order 2020-12 Enforcement of Local Orders

Under the Municipal Code and State law, a violation of a local or State emergency order is a misdemeanor subject to 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine.

These orders allow for the option of issuing an administrative fine of $1000 in lieu of a criminal prosecution for violations of local and State emergency orders that occur in the City of Clovis.

We expect that residents and businesses will comply with all provisions of the local and state emergency orders.

While these orders provide the ability to issue a citation without going through a lengthy and formal written warning process, law enforcement will issue verbal warnings and instruction to those who are found to not be in compliance with the emergency orders; which includes large group gatherings or operation of a non-essential business.

Issuing of fines is a last resort for those who refuse to follow the warnings and instruction and continue to violate the emergency orders.

The orders allow the City to address entities that insist on gathering despite continued requests for the City to comply.

Residents will not be stopped and questioned by law enforcement during the course of their day; either while driving or walking.  Residents will not be stopped, warned or fined while running errands, going to or from work or for walking on sidewalks, trails or parks.

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