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Emergency Order Impacting Recreational Vehicle Parking

The City of Clovis issued an emergency order Thursday waiving the restrictions on recreational vehicle parking to allow essential workers and others to isolate themselves from family and other occupants of their homes during the ongoing health emergency.

The Clovis Municipal Code currently limits how long a recreational vehicle can be parked on the street or in a driveway of a home within the City of Clovis. This order recognizes the need for certain individuals to self-isolate to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and recognizes the financial benefits and convenience of utilizing existing recreational vehicles for this purpose.

Restrictions are temporarily waived for essential workers who choose to isolate themselves during this time to prevent exposure of COVID-19 to themselves or their family, as well as those individuals ordered to self-isolate by a doctor or public health official.

Individuals who wish to take advantage of the relaxed enforcement of this portion of the Municipal Code must first contact Jennifer Campbell at or call at 559-324-2554. Residents will be asked to provide documentation from a medical provider or employer.

Parking restrictions under the Municipal Code remain in effect for all others who do not qualify under the parameters of this emergency order.

The use of pop-outs and power cords should be carefully considered before utilizing to ensure that safe passage is maintained for those using public sidewalks and streets. Any individual isolating within a recreational vehicle is expected to follow all health and safety directions of the City related to water, wastewater, gas and electricity use.

Emergency Order: Order 2020-07 – RV parking


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