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DMV Arrests Clovis Auto Broker Accused of Cheating Customers Out of $2.3 Million

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) announced today the arrest of Scott Allyn Radtke, of Clovis, on charges relating to fraudulent transactions estimated at more than $2.3 million.

DMV investigators, working with the Clovis and Tulare police departments, say a five-month probe into Radtke’s California Motoring Company (CMC) auto broker business in Clovis uncovered the fraudulent sale of 48 newer-model vehicles that cheated 64 victims out of an estimated $2,304,765. Those defrauded include consumers, auto dealerships, and lending institutions, investigators say.

Radtke, 55, was booked Monday into the Fresno County Jail on 98 criminal counts, including forgery, grand theft of personal property, identity theft, theft by false pretenses, theft from elderly or dependent adults, and passing checks with insufficient funds. His bail is set at $681,000. The Fresno County Office of the District Attorney is prosecuting the case.

“The DMV will not tolerate unscrupulous brokers taking advantage of customers and dealerships,” DMV Investigations Chief Frank Alvarez said. “We have peace officers who diligently investigate this kind of fraudulent activity.”

The DMV opened its investigation after receiving information that a new car dealership in southern California could not cash a check from Radtke’s business because of insufficient funds. The dealership also reported CMC had failed to pay for a vehicle fraudulently brokered by Radtke. The DMV, along with Clovis and Tulare police departments, received numerous additional complaints against CMC during the ensuing months, including allegations of grand theft and identity theft. DMV investigators seized evidence of theft and fraud during a warranted search of the business in August.

The DMV Investigations Division protects the programs and interests of the department and public through active fraud/counterfeit detection, investigation, audit and enforcement services. The division’s sworn peace officers vigorously enforce laws, rules, and regulations that apply to new and used vehicle dealers, brokers, dismantlers, registrations services, vehicle verifiers, misuse of Disabled Person Parking Placard/Plates, driving schools or traffic violator schools, and other vehicle-related businesses.

The public can file a consumer complaint against any of the above-listed groups by filling out a “Record of Complaint Form” on the DMV’s website at

The Clovis Police Department has a victim hotline set up for anyone that believes they have been the victim of Radtke. If you have not reported the crime and it is related to Radtke, you can call (559) 324-3435.