Disturbance in Home Depot parking lot

Disturbance in Home Depot parking lot

A little after 1:00 p.m. this afternoon officers were dispatched to what was initially reported as a vehicle versus pedestrian collision in the Home Depot parking lot (845 W Shaw).  Clovis dispatch received numerous calls reporting a white Mercedes Benz struck a pedestrian and was attempting to flee the scene.

When officers arrived they found the Mercedes had been blocked in by another car, and citizens had the driver of the Mercedes out of the car and detained on the ground.

Officers talked to several witnesses and the involved parties.  Through the  investigation officers learned that the suspect, 20 year old Michael Hundley of Fresno, had been in a verbal confrontation that turned physical with a male in his 60s.  The victim was sitting in a parked car in the parking lot when a verbal disturbance ensuedbetween him and Hundley.  Hundley walked to his car, drove by the subject and the two continued in a verbal altercation.  Hundley then drove away, made a loop in the parking lot and parked again adjacent to the suspect.  Hundley then exited his car, approached the victim and physically assaulted him.  A witness saw what was happening and positioned his car in front of Hundley’s car in an effort to keep him from fleeing.  Hundley then tried to maneuver his vehicle out of the area and the citizen again blocked him in by striking his vehicle.

During the course of the event, the victim, who had exited his vehicle, was knocked down by Hundley’s vehicle, but it did not appear intentional.  The victim sustained minor injuries from the assault and being knocked down by the vehicle.  Two other people received minor injuries from being grazed by a vehicle mirror and flying debris.  Four vehicles in total received minor to moderate damage.  This includes the suspect’s vehicle, the vehicle belonging to the citizen who blocked him in, the victim’s vehicle, and an unassociated vehicle.

Hundley was arrested for battery, driving without a license, and for an active misdemeanor warrant.  He was cited and released from CPD Jail.

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