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Clovis Police Arrest 29-Year-Old for Residential Burglaries

A vigilant Clovis home owner alerted Clovis Police to a thief in the 2100 block of Keats Avenue on Thursday, November 5th. The man living there called Clovis Police to report a man had entered his backyard and was looking for an open door or window. He called Clovis Police and showed officers the surveillance video that captured not only the suspect, but also his vehicle. Fortunately, nothing was taken from his property as his doors were locked.

On Saturday, November 7th, Clovis Police received a call just after 6 a.m. from a residence in the 1500 block of Scott. The suspect in the case made off with tools. Due to the vigilance of the neighbors, Clovis Police located the suspect still casing houses in the area. Officers were able to arrest 29-year-old Trent Tapia for the burglary in the neighborhood and had a number of items he had stolen elsewhere in his vehicle. Officers arrested Tapia for residential burglary and transported him to the Fresno County Jail.

Especially during this time of year, you may see people in your neighborhoods that you do not recognize. If you see something suspicious, posting to social media is good to let your neighbors know about it, but make sure to call law enforcement immediately while it is happening. The reason this suspect was arrested is because the neighbor did that exact thing – they called us first so we were able to get there while he was still in the area.