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Results of the City of Clovis General Municipal Election

Thank you to everyone who voted in the City of Clovis General Municipal Election.
On March 2, 2021, the City of Clovis will conduct a general municipal election to fill two council seats which are currently held by Councilmember’s Ashbeck and Mouanoutoua. There are a total of five candidates on the ballot for consideration; Herman Nagra, Diane Pearce, Noha Elbaz; as well as Councilmembers Ashbeck and Mouanoutoua. The two candidates garnering the highest number of votes will be elected to fill the term through November 2024.

The March 2, 2021 election is being conducted by the Fresno County Elections Division and information, including locations of Vote Centers, may be found at

The Voter Information Guide was mailed out to all registered voters and is designed to help you vote safely in the March 2, 2021 election. You will receive an official ballot in the mail in early February. For no contact voting, you are encouraged to vote your ballot and return it to one of the ten (10) conveniently located, safe and secure Ballot Drop Boxes. You will receive a list of drop box locations with your ballot and they are also listed in the guide. Drop boxes will be open until 8:00 PM on Election Day. Remember to sign your ballot envelope.
You may also return your voted ballot by mail, postage free, or return to the County Clerk’s office or to any Vote Center. If you mail your ballot, it must be postmarked on or before March 2, 2021 and received by the County Clerk’s office by March 5, 2021.
The Vote Center at Clovis City Hall will open beginning on February 20th for in-person voting. Seven additional Vote Center locations in Clovis will open on February 27th. Vote Center locations will be listed in the Voter Information Guide and with your ballot. Vote Center hours from February 20th through March 1st will be 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Vote Center hours on Election Day, Tuesday, March 2nd will be 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. If you have questions or need help, please do not hesitate call 559-324-2060.
Vote Center Locations all have Spanish language assistance, as well as assistance in the languages listed below:
Precision Plastics
998 N Temperance Ave North of Alluvial Ave
Language Assistance: Tagalog
Clovis Community College
390 W Fir Ave Between N Peach Ave and N Villa Ave, north of Herndon Ave
Miss Winkles Pet Adoption Center
85 N Temperance Ave At Sierra Ave, on south side of Sierra Meadows Park
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
2823 Helm Ave At W Gettysburg Ave between Willow Ave and Peach Ave
Language Assistance: Hmoob (Hmong)
Sierra Vista Mall
1050 Shaw Ave At West end of mall, next to Kohls
Language Assistance: Hmoob (Hmong)
Clovis City Utility Building
1033 5th St Next to the Clovis Library
Clovis East High School
2940 Leonard Ave North end of East Gym, use east parking lots off Leonard Ave
Language Assistance: Việt ngữ (Vietnamese)
Buchanan High School
1560 N Minnewawa Ave Northwest side of campus use parking off W Teague Ave
Language Assistance: 中文 (Chinese)
Council members serve four-year terms and they internally elect one member to serve as Mayor and one to serve as Mayor Pro Tem for two years. A general municipal election is held every two years, alternating, between two and three positions each cycle. The remainder of the Council consists of Mayor Bessinger and Councilmembers Jose Flores and Bob Whalen, whose terms expire in November 2022.

The Clovis City Council meets the first three Mondays of each month at 6:00 p.m.  In addition to the regularly scheduled Council meetings, Council Members will generally spend time reviewing material in preparation for the meetings, attend additional meetings as required, and may require some travel.  Council Members work part time in their capacity as elected officials and are paid a salary of $1,455 per month.

Questions may be directed to Karey Cha, Deputy City Clerk, at (559) 324-2057 or Email:

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