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Back to School Traffic Safety Enforcement Begins Monday in Clovis

Twelve Clovis Police officers, including those on Zero Motors and volunteers will patrol in and around Clovis elementary, intermediate and high school campuses beginning Monday (8/24) in the morning and in the afternoon. Officers will be giving special attention and citations to students bicycling to and from school without helmets. They will also write tickets for speed, seatbelt/child safety seat, stop sign and crosswalk violations. People creating traffic hazards, such as double parking and impeding traffic, stopping in bus and red zones and dropping off youngsters on the street rather than the sidewalk can also expect tickets.

Because class times are staggered from school to school, officers have the opportunity to check for violations around elementary, junior high and high school campuses in Clovis beginning at 7:40 in the morning and again at 2:45 in the afternoon. Police presence should serve as a reminder to motorists to be careful in and around school zones, including the two crosswalks at Clark Intermediate.

Clovis Police want pedestrians and drivers to know they share equal responsibility when it comes to crosswalks. Pedestrians must proceed with caution and look both right and left before entering the crosswalk. Drivers must slow down in school zones and pay attention to pedestrians in crosswalks. Crossing guards with stop signs are a big help, but not all schools have them.