Council Member Jose Flores

As a captain for the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement has been my professional focus most of my adult life. But I’m also sensitive to challenges facing small business owners and others in the private sector. That’s because 35 years ago my parents opened the doors to a small Mexican food restaurant in Old Town Clovis. Working for them, I learned the importance of community support for a small business. I also discovered the value of a well-run local government, one that encourages businesses while keeping a close eye on government spending and local taxes. In addition to my parents’ hard work and skills, those factors have meant a great deal for La Posada. And over the years, our family restaurant has become a Clovis landmark.

Our public safety facility is proof the City of Clovis is well run. In 1999, while voters up and down California expressed their anger and anti-tax fervor at local government, the people of Clovis passed a measure to raise funds to build a new police and fire headquarters. Many of us consider the vote – 68 percent in favor – a real endorsement of our fire and police officers and the way we run our city. It’s the same conscientious approach behind the success of our newly developing Central Valley Research and Technology Park. On the 180-acre campus, sites of up to three acres are available to technology-focused firms looking to expand, start up or relocate.

Well aware of the need for a trained, educated work force, we team with the Clovis Unified School District and support a wide range of their programs. Our crime rate is among the lowest in the Central Valley. Our schools are among the top in the nation. We are looking to the future, while keeping true to the basics we learned in our past: support for one another, hard work and honesty.

Because Clovis is a good community, it’s good for business, too.

Biographical Data

  • First elected to office: March 1999, served as mayor 2001-2003, 2011-2013
  • Term: through March 2019
  • Employment: Captain, Fresno County Sheriff’s Office
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts, Management and Organizational Development, Fresno Pacific University, 1997; Master’s Degree, Public Administration, National University, 2004.
  • Honors: Top Cop, National Exchange Club, Fresno, 1998; Medal of Honor, Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, 1987; Medal of Valor, National Latino Peace Officers Association, 1987

Councilmember Flores may be contacted via email or by phone at the number below.

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